• Company
    Storage Excellence
    Technology agnostic solutions
    Nexii Labs simplifies your ever growing complex data management
    challenges. Our Storage Interest Group – a pool of domain experts and
    dedicated technical leaders, assess your storage environment,
    understand business requirements and propose a solution that matches
    your needs. Explore how Nexii Labs helped several clients to
    transform IT infrastructure through storage optimization at reduced cost.
  • Software QA Testing India
    Fast Track Processes to
    Get the Edge
    Businesses today derive their competitive advantage
    from the speed at which they are able to respond to changes.
    Lack of agility can prove costly.
    Lower overhead costs, enhance efficiency and fuel growth with
    automated processes. Optimize resource productivity, grow your business,
    and increase your margins to strengthen your business model.
  • Accuracy Redefined
    Ensure Business Integrity with Accelerated Expertise
    Quality Assurance is a critical growth engine for any business to succeed.
    Limiting to traditional testing methodologies may not yield the desired results.
    Unless the status quo is challenged, innovation and excellence cannot be achieved.
    Discover how Nexiilabs helps clients to optimize efficiency, reduce cost, assess
    threats and mitigate risks through years of testing expertise, constant innovation
    and continuous learning.
  • Best Software Testing Services
    Speed, Efficiency and Software
    Quality. Delivered.
    Save on time and costs. Eliminate the tedium.
    Eliminate the errors. Meet release timelines everytime.
    Use Nexii’s customized automation test frameworks to deliver
    high quality output. Effortlessly manage testing requirements irrespective of size,
    number of developers involved or complexity levels.
    Meet cutoff times easily and witness new benchmarks being set.
  • Company
    Cloud Labs
    Intense Research. Intelligent Solutions
    Intense solutions demand intense research. Cloud Labs is the workhorse
    that powers Nexiilabs to deliver customized solutions designed
    to suit the exact requirements of our clients. It is the hotbed of cloud
    experts which conducts continuous research to generate cloud strategies
    and innovations that help propel clients towards easy cloud adoption
    and eventual transformation. Enter and explore the brilliance of Cloud Labs.
  • Company
    Devops is not just a portmanteau.
    Devops upholds a productive mindset. Mindset that makes you care for your customer,
    product and work so much that you align your efforts to deliver business value rapidly
    and efficiently. Devops is the medium which merges development, quality assurance and
    operations at the perfect focal point to generate maximum customer satifaction and
    maximum business value.

Cocoon, our in-house learning center boasts deep domain experts who deliver their practical wisdom for Nexiians to facilitate a better understanding of collaborative technologies.

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A dedicated in-house channel to share the tech talks, insights and key takeaways learned through our technology implementations in diverse domains.

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Test Innovation Center

Innovation is an evolutionary process. It takes time, profound body of knowledge and continuous passionate efforts to build technology and process breakthroughs.

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Nexii News

Get the inside scoop of technology trends and exciting things happening at Nexiilabs – be it business achievements, Nexiilabs Awards, tech events, programming sprints, happy hours, team outings and celebrations.

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Cloud Computing

Cloud focus

Cloud, a significant shift in Internet’s evolution, is gaining momentum with online collaboration and augmented reality technology.

Suiting to your needs Nexiilabs enhances organizations to a new paradigm shift. We minimize the complexities involved and load your business with cloud benefits. We save your precious time in preserving and upgrading application software, allowing you to concentrate on core competencies.


Virtual environment welcomes the era of green computing maximizing energy efficiency. We help businuesses to accelerate and excel with Nexiilabs virtualization technology. We carry out indefinite research and build applications that are robust and responsive. Our fabric virtualization allows faster development and deployment. Seamless support in virtualization adoption is the main reason why clients choose Nexiilabs.

Social Media

Nexiilabs helps you leverage the power of social networks. We keep you connected to your customers and accelerate your digital presence to gain and sustain customer loyalty and trust. We also keep track of various customer engagement patterns that are catching on in diverse verticals and present your social content in an engaging, likable and sharable fashion.


With the proliferation of technology, the digital data being produced daily is growing exponentially. More data calls for more storage. Subsequently the storage needs are rapidly growing and posing a challenge for Storage Administrators and CIOs to manage the ever exploding data. On the other hand the storage industry is evolving to cope up with these storage needs and introducing new technologies and solutions to commensurate the upsurge. Catering to the needs of the organizations multiple storage solutions are available in the market like Virtualization, Data Migration, Provisioning, Replication, Backup and Disaster Recovery services etc.

Nexiilabs has deep storage expertise and years of experience handling storage concerns for multiple clients in various verticals across geographies. Our Storage Center of Excellence offers solutions that make organizations focus on their core business instead of worrying about the storage issues through services that help the client reduce RTO, RPO, storage expenditure and operational costs.

Core Features

Diverse Talent Pool
Dedicated talent pool of Nexiians with multiple skillsets enable timely completion of projects and serve the client on demand. The diversity of our expert teams enhance the customer experience and offer fresh solutions to tackle critical issues that arise out of the blue.
Futuristic Solutions
Embracing new technologies and our agility to adapt to market changes are the core philosophies at Nexiilabs. We thrive on building futuristic solutions that win clients' confidence and trust.
Values with Vision
Ethics and values are the lifeblood of Nexiilabs. We groom a culture of diverse beliefs and backgrounds to blend in easily and reap the benefits of the cohesive whole. This very feature enables our employees to co-create solutions that are outside the box.

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