AWS services for DevOps

AWS Services: Supporting DevOps

Amazon Web Services(AWS) offers several tools to facilitate DevOps practices. These support DevOps and automation, greatly enhancing quality and productivity of development work and speed of committing changes to production. Among the various services AWS provides are: AWS CodeCommit. This is a fully managed source control service. Use it for hosting private Git repositories at […]

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bridging the gap - devops

DevOps – Bridging the Gap

In conventional IT enterprises the existence of a gap between the software developers and the IT Operations has led to a lot of conflict and consequent inefficiencies. While Developers always want change, Operations seek stability. This lack of alignment along with the absence of collaboration between the functions resulted in subpar performance. Processes operated inefficiently, […]

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Future of Perl in IT

Future of Perl in IT

Perl : Future in IT. Perl is a script programming language, which has a lot of similarity in syntax to “c” language. This also includes UNIX like sed;awk;tr etc. Perl is an interpreted language which can be assembled before execution in “c” code/bytecode. Once Perl is compiled, it is as fast as any other compiled […]

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Understanding cloud computing

Understanding Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a practice of storing, managing and processing data virtually, with the help of a remote server. A cloud computing platform has dynamic provisions which can configure and reconfigure servers as and when needed. Servers in the cloud can be either physical or virtual machines. According to NIST(National Institute of Standard and technology), […]

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IoT and it’s impact on data storage

  The Internet of Things (IoT) is an interconnected network of physical devices. Every device in the IoT is capable of collecting and transferring data through the network. The Global Standard Initiative (GSI), which focuses on facilitating coordinated work of a specific study group, defines IoT as “the infrastructure of information society”. Each of the […]

Emergence of Hyperconvergence, Hyperconvergence, Nexiilabs, Nexiilabs data centre

Emergence of Hyperconvergence

    The pace of change of the IT landscape is phenomenal. The widespread penetration of social, mobile, analytics and cloud (SMAC) technologies has completely redefined the business environment. Enterprise competence and performance is increasingly being evaluated based on its ability to adapt to new technologies quickly. There is therefore the pressing need to improvise, […]

ask cloud computing question

4 Things You Always Wanted To Know About Private Cloud Computing

The shift from public to private cloud computing is an intrinsic process that may instigate certain questions. Do not be scared of asking your questions regarding cloud computing.   The world has become digitalized and thus enforcing several technological changes that assorts the digitalised world. One of these changes is the shift towards cloud computing […]

cloud computing in India

5 Reasons Why Enterprises Are Choosing Cloud Computing in India

According to one of the recent studies, one third of the organizations have already implemented private cloud computing solution. Even, the way business is conducting in the world more companies are planning to increase their spending on cloud computing. Interestingly, cloud computing in India is not only limited to tech industry, most of the companies […]

cloud computing in India

Which Cloud System You Should Choose?

Cloud computing has evolved through a number of phases and it is also reshaping the Indian IT industry. According to Market survey cloud computing in India alone will generate several thousand jobs by the end of this year. IT infrastructure is one of the important parts of any business and while taking the decision of […]

android app development

What Makes Nexiilabs The Top Android App Development Agency?

Android gadgets are selling very quickly and nobody is willing to leave their home without an android in their pocket. Earlier it used to be Android app development has already changed the way IT companies looked at app development. A decade or so ago, software development used to be the only software business but with […]

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