Cloud Computing Has Been Around Since The 1950s

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing Has Been Around Since The 1950s

Cloud computing has recently come to light and started to expand the field of data mining and collecting, this concept of computing via a database is very old dating back to the 1950s. In the 1950s, “time-sharing”- what is now the main concept of cloud computing was used in very large corporations and in academia. […]

Server Failure

5 Epic System Failures Caused By Software Bugs

Recent developments in IT industry have created a new way of handling projects.  Project managers are often provided less time and resources, but are expected to complete the project on time. The company often cuts down on budget and the first thing they do away is Quality Assurance and Software testing. They might cut down […]

Physical Servers

Another Perspective to a Previously Isolated Uptime Debate

Today’s debate is concerned with how much uptime is enough for an organization to please its customers and not over spend too much on building infrastructure. In the present scenario, customers are not content with a 24×7 uptime. They don’t only want their data retrieved on command each and every time, but they are also […]

Virtual Servers

A New Way to Cut Down On your Virtualization Budget

Today IT professionals working in the fields of engineering, computer-aided design, digital media, oil and gas exploration, research, education and government face the challenge of providing the organization all those services it needs within an allocated budget. This can be a tricky job for the CIOs as they have to efficiently use the resources to […]