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4 Things You Always Wanted To Know About Private Cloud Computing

The shift from public to private cloud computing is an intrinsic process that may instigate certain questions. Do not be scared of asking your questions regarding cloud computing.


The world has become digitalized and thus enforcing several technological changes that assorts the digitalised world. One of these changes is the shift towards cloud computing especially the transition from the public cloud computing to private cloud computing. Both the public and private cloud computing forms the core of the cloud based service providers. However there is substantial difference between these two avenues of cloud computing.

Public cloud computing is hosted on a physical hardware that is commanded and owned by a third party, therefore there is no incurrence of cost for maintenance in this variation of cloud computing. On the other hand, private cloud computing is a customized infrastructure for facilitating the work of a particular ventures. Although the distinction is simple this process could be complex to understand for a layman. So, if you are pondering or initiating the process of private cloud computing do not hesitate to clarify your queries and do not be scared of asking the following questions in case you don’t know the answer to these.

  • Why should one shift from public to private cloud computing?

Public cloud computing do not provide the agility and avenues that a private cloud computing enables the business to enjoy. There are certain technical business requirement that public cloud computing doesn’t allow. Therefore private cloud computing provides both the dexterity and effectiveness of cloud computing along with the security of a dedicated hardware only for your venture.

  • Where the private cloud should be hosted?

There are two options for this query. One, a hardware could be hosted in the premise that is a private cloud. Secondly, it could be hosted offsite that is a hosted private cloud. The choice between the two has to be made on the requirement as accordance to the need of the enterprise.

  • What is the transaction regarding the open source cloud technologies?

As some of the good things are free, similarly, open source cloud technology is free too. It is highly beneficial for the start-ups and small ventures and it doesn’t involve any expenditure. It could also be utilised as a trial also before shifting to a fully supported package.

  • Is there a possibility of combining public and private cloud computing?

There is high possibility of mixing the public to the private cloud computing. In fact the “hybrid cloud” is the better of the two options. The private cloud computing could be used for the delicate and confidential data. Whereas, the public cloud computing could be used for the extra works such as application development, testing, disaster recoveries and other uses.

Thus be it any questions do not hesitate to clarify before hiring a cloud based service providers, as the services could be best provided if the needs of the enterprises are crystal clear.