5 Major Trends In Recruitment For 2021

Recruitment today has changed a lot. Technology is making the task easier and changing every industry. It has changed recruitment too. Five years back recruitment was extremely different from today. The hiring process used to take at least a month and the recruitment team used to spend a lot of time searching for the right resumes, calling and following up.

But Today’s recruitment is shifting towards technology and innovations, resume sourcing, screening, and processing all are done by recruitment robots, recruiters are focusing more on the candidate side.

2020 is almost the end and a new year is coming with a lot of hiring challenges as a lot of changes happen due to COVID-19. To make the hiring productive and continuity of your business here are the top 5 recruitment trends which you should implement in 2021.

Let’s have a look:

Culture is the first priority: Company culture will be the most important topic in the 2021 recruiting strategy. Employers started focusing on company culture more and making sure that the core value of the organization is satisfying the new talent. Company Culture directly impacts customer relations, employee engagement, and attracting new talent for the job offer.

According to a Glassdoor survey, 77% of talent takes look at the company’s culture before applying the job to the company and 56% of candidates think the company’s culture is more important than salary when it comes to job satisfaction.

AI Recruiting will boost the hiring productivity: In this competitive market finding the best candidate in a short span of time is going to be difficult for the organizations. Adopting AI recruiting tools can only help you to hire the best talent faster.

As we know that artificial intelligence is changing every industry and the recruitment industry is also one of them. Artificial intelligence is making traditional recruitment efficient and quicker by automating the complex and time-consuming job. It is safe to say that AI Recruiting is the latest trend in the recruitment industry and this trend will remain in the coming years as well.

Automation is the most trending technology that is deployed by the business and getting friction in recruitment and HR. Artificial intelligence is transforming the recruiting method and making it easier for the recruiters. The application tracking system is the first technique when recruitment was transforming into an Automated Recruiting system, But now artificial intelligence is revolutionizing each step of the hiring process right from posting jobs to screening to scheduling the interviews.

Benefit Of AI recruiting:

1. Saves cost.
2. Saves Time.
3. Enhances candidate’s experience.
4. Improves Quality hire.
5. Reduces business.

Transparency In Hiring: Transparency in the recruitment process plays a critical role, you need to be transparent with your candidate during the hiring process.

Be honest and open about your selection process, let your candidate know how you are conducting the process, offer criteria, what is the technology you are using for making decisions.

Tips for the employer:

  • Share the Salary range for that particular job requirement with your candidate.
  • Inform your candidate about the timeline to close the position.
  • Update your candidate about their application status after each round of interviews.
  • Provide the detailed feedback even the candidate is not selected for the role.
  • Utilizing social media as new recruiting tools: Recruiting has changed a lot over the year. Social media plays an important role in the recruiting process, The availability of a high-speed internet approach has changed the hiring process, and the way job seeker and employer interact also added the popularity of social media.

    Social recruiting is a process of finding suitable candidates for a particular Job description through the social channel. There are different types of social media platforms available where employers and candidates interact regarding job opportunities like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

    Tips for the employer:

  • Social recruiting is not just posting the job, it goes beyond that.
  • Use social media as another job board to find potential candidates.
  • Make a strong relationship with the candidate and encourage them to apply for your open job position.
  • Provide the answer to the candidate’s query and keep them engage with your organization.
  • Upskilling the recruiters: The talent industry is going to change a lot in 2021 and the reason is that Recruitment Robots already arrived in the hiring and used by many organizations.

    In a recent global survey of Korn Ferry, Nearly two-thirds (63 percent) of respondents say AI has changed the way recruiting is done in their organization, with 69 percent saying using AI as a sourcing tool garners higher-quality candidates. The recruiter needs to upskill themselves, and they need training as well to work with recruitment robots and hire the best talent for your organization.

    Tips for the employer:

  • Enable your recruiter to learn new skills and find quality talent.
  • Free them from the time-consuming task such as souring, screening, and call
  • let your recruiter spend more time on candidate engagement.
  • Teach them about automated recruiting solutions and how to work with recruitment robots.
  • Train them more on soft skills, how to attract candidate and marketing skills.