cloud computing in India

5 Reasons Why Enterprises Are Choosing Cloud Computing in India

According to one of the recent studies, one third of the organizations have already implemented private cloud computing solution. Even, the way business is conducting in the world more companies are planning to increase their spending on cloud computing.

Interestingly, cloud computing in India is not only limited to tech industry, most of the companies are abandoning their traditional storage approach.

Many studies have proved that deployment can have significant advantages. Including:

  1. Lower IT costs: One of the major reasons why enterprises are using cloud computing is the opportunity to lower their capital expenditure. It doesn’t only save software licensing fees, which can involve huge, but also eliminates the need of a huge IT team. You can easily find many cloud computing providers who can maintain and upgrade clouds for you.In addition, rather than buying a license you can also opt for Software-as-a-service which delivers full standard platforms for a monthly fee. In case you are planning to migrate your entire data on cloud computing you just have to pay for the services you would require, no additional cost.
  2. Ample storage space: If your data is huge than surely you would not opt for the traditional methods which including massive server, which are not only hard to update but also force you to bleed money of your business. Cloud solutions are designed for flexibility and you can add or subtract storage anytime you require.
  3. More Mobility: As long as you are connected with internet, you can access cloud computing from anywhere. As cloud computing environments are network based resultant you can access business data and applications from any PC, smartphone or laptop.
  4. Data security:  Cloud solution providers have plentiful of encryption, data division and other security measures in place.
  5. Disaster recovery:  When companies rely on cloud solutions, they no longer need complex disaster recovery plans. Cloud computing provider takes care of mostly issues and that too at a fast pace.

Now you must be interested in learning how your business can earn benefit by using cloud technology. To know more about cloud computing in India get in touch with the experts at Nexiilabs.