Adoption Of Robot And RoboCallers In Hiring Process Is Quickly Changing The Rules Of The Game.

Recruitment is a very critical business function for any organization. Finding the right talent is the first priority for any organization as the employer’s growth depends on its employee. Getting the right talent with a short span of time can be only possible by including the innovative recruitment strategy and automating the recruitment process.

Artificial intelligence is transforming the recruitment industry and making it more efficient and faster by enabling organizations to speed up their hiring process, saving costs, and get the best talent 10x faster than the traditional hiring method.

In Purusha Suktham (of Rig Veda), God is described as having 1000 heads, a thousand feet, and a thousand eyes. (thousand signifies many not exactly the number 1000).

Saharsa seersha purusha ha, saharsraksha, saharsra paath( सहस्रशीर्षा पुरुषः सहस्राक्षः सहस्रपात् । ).

In the same way with the help of a robot a person can also perform multiple tasks at the same time within a flick of seconds.

For example, A recruiter can process a maximum of 10 quality resumes in a day but with the help of a robot, he/she can process 1000s of resume in a day.

So what are Recruitment Robots and a robocaller?

Recruitment Robot: Robots are machines designed to perform multiple tasks with accuracy and speed.

Robocallers: RoboCallers are recruitment robots used to call the candidates to discuss the JD and the candidate’s suitability. Call scripts are automatically generated as per the requirements using TTS technology.

How does robocaller works in the hiring process?

First level screening: As soon as robots get the requirements from the customer, it starts searching the matched resume according to the skills and experience from the internal data warehouses and from the top job boards to get the rightly matched resume with the greatest accuracy.

Second level of Screening: Once the robots get the resume, robocall makes a call via IVR call and asks candidates some set of questions related to the skills required for a particular job description and the candidate can record the answer by pressing the appropriate button as instructed in the call.

Submits/ uploads the profile on the customer portal: suitable resumes of the candidate are directly submitted or uploaded by the robots.

Scheduling Interview: Post the second level screening qualified candidates are called by the robot to get their calendar availability for the interview with multiple schedules. There can be a custom option if the candidate is not available he/she can give their own schedule by email.

Reminds For the interview: The robot calls candidates with the prerecorded voice messages to remind the candidate about their interviews.

Follow-ups: Once the interview was done and the candidate has selected robots make follow-ups calls to keep updated the candidates about each step until he or she joins.

How including robocall in the hiring process benefits the organization?

Saves cost: Hiring the new employee and getting them trained is costly. Adopting robocalls does not require any manpower to operate it once it set up and can create a more effective hiring funnel and has a positive long-term ROI.

Saves Time: The most significant benefit of AI Recruitment is it reduces the time to hire. Every organization wants to find the best talent in a short time period. Artificial intelligence automates the most complex hiring process right from the manual application tracker to sourcing to the screening process and makes hiring faster.

Enhances candidates Experience: Using automation in recruitment not only helps recruiters it helps businesses to save money and time and hire the best talent. Also helps the candidates, it enhances their experience with technology-enabled hiring, provides the answers to their queries, updates, and feedback and makes better engagement with candidate and organizations.

Improves Quality Hire: AI can help an organization to get a better understanding of their candidate and reach more suitable candidates who fit their job requirements by posting effective Job ads. Also automating the process of screening, and sourcing recruiters can get lots of time to focus on the evaluation of candidates for companies’ cultural fit.

Reduces bias: As a human, we make biased decisions and this is the biggest challenge most of the companies are facing. A robot has also the ability to reduce biases from the hiring process and only process the best fit candidate for the available position.

Why Robots and Robocallers are effective for hiring?

AI recruiters or robots are changing the recruitment process positively and increasing the efficiency of the organization. AI Recruiter or Robots does not only help the recruiter to make their job easy it also helps the candidate by providing them feedback, updates, and information about the next steps.

Getting the right talent within a short time span is challenging in the traditional recruitment process. In a Survey of Manpower Group, 63% of Indian companies reported talent shortage.

So adopting the best recruitment practices and automating the complex and time-consuming process is the best decision any organization can make to reach the maximum candidate and finding the best among them.