Artificial Intelligence In Recruitment

Artificial Intelligence in Recruitment

Recruitment today has changed a lot.  Technology is making task easier and changing every industry. It has changed recruitment too. Five years back recruitment was extremely different from today‘s. Hiring process used to take atleast a month and recruitment team used to spend a lot of time on searching for the right resumes, calling and following up.

But in today‘s age Automation in recruitment has made hiring process effortless,painless, simple  and faster. So if you are really want to make your hiring process quicker, Its time to move towards automated recruitment process and  drive your business success instead of wasting a lot of time on souring and doing lot of paper works.

Automated recruitment services

So what is Automation or AI or Artificial Intelligence mean exactly?
AI or Artificial Intelligence means something which is not natural. It is an area of ​​computer science, in which the intelligence of machines is simulated, so that the machine can work like a human and perform task.  Means Developing smart machines which are able to understand, think ,learn and solve problems.
Here are some process where you need to move from Manual to Automation:
Sourcing Talent: Sourcing the talent is a first step where candidate interact with your organization. You can give the amazing professional recruiting touch from the first i you interaction. By using the automated recruiting tool you can also reach  a large pool of talent on various job portals and social networking sites.
Tacking the Applicant: Collecting the data from candidates and maintaining them in spreadsheet is really a painful job for recruiters and hiring managers. they spend lot of time as well also it may have a lot of human errors. Also it is not easy for recruiters and hiring managers to read every resume carefully, because they get 1000s resume for a single job postings.

By using ATS tool you can make your recruiter’s and hiring manager’s job easy and save time and avoid human errors.

Resume Screening: Resume screening is the most painful job for any recruiter. They spend 75% of their time on screening the resume in a day to get few good resume. Using automation platform to source the resume can save lot of time because it automates most of the repeative task and  can automatically source resume based on job’ experience, skills, and other qualifications according to the job discription. with the use of Automated screening recruiter can perform other important task and utilize their time.

Assessment and selection process: a good employee of an organization is an advantage for its  success . a team of a talented and skilled employee can deliver more value while wrong hire can be a barrier for company’s success. Hiring the good talent is difficult while creating manually assessment test for candidates and takes too much time. Moving into automated assessment tool will help to save time and can also decrease biasness while hiring which will help you to hire the great talent for your organization.

Sheduling and conducting interviews:  While scheduling the interview, recruiter have to call many times to candidate to get their availability. While using the automated solution you can create autodialer or auto emailer in just a single touch botton. AI based automated recruitment solution uses auto record  interviews that will facilate you to choose the best candidate according to your cultural fit.

Talent Engagement :  In recruitment process engagement of a talent is most important phase. Candidate might have a lot of questions and they want responses quickly with transparency. Most of the organization fail in this case. A chatbot can help you to get a solution for this situation and candidate can directly interact with chatbot and get every information regarding their concerns and feedback for their applicants. Using Chat bot can make candidates interaction great with  your organization.

Benifit of using Automation in Recruitment:

Increase Efficiency of recruiters :   filling up the position and Hiring the best talent is as soon as possible is every organization priority. Using automation in recruitment does not mean to replace recruiter. It is to help the recruiters to increase their productivity. Automating the hiring process will help recruiter to save time and utilize that time to perform more important task which will help them to hire the best talent.

More Effective in hiring best talent: AI can help organization to get better understanding about their candidate and reach more suitable candidate who fit their job requirements by posting the effective Job ads. Also automating the process of screening ,and sourcing recruiter can get lots of time to focus on evalution of  candidates for companies cultural fit and help organization to avoid biased hiring.

Save times and money: Automation recruitment saves huge time by eleminating the time consuming manual process  and increase hiring efficiency apart from saving times it can also save your money by delivering quality candidates at lower cost than job boards.

Improves candidate experience: by using the Automation in recruitment also help to creat a better experience for candidates and gives an amazing proffessional touch. candidate can get all the information about his/her candidature like what is the next step, when is the next interview and about feedback with the help of chatbot.