Amazon Web Services(AWS) offers several tools to facilitate DevOps practices. These support DevOps and automation, greatly enhancing quality and productivity of development work and speed of committing changes to production.

Among the various services AWS provides are:

  • AWS CodeCommit. This is a fully managed source control service. Use it for hosting private Git repositories at highest security levels. It also offer high level of scalability, allowing you to avoid over/under provisioning.
  • AWS CodeDeploy. Use this service to automate code deployments across multiple instances from Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud to onpremise servers.
  • AWS CodePipeline offer continuous delivery services. Leverage this for rapid, dependable, updates to applications
  • AWS wp themes Elastic Beanstalk. With this you can easily deploy and scale web applications and services. The service supports apps developed using Java, Node.js, Python, Ruby etc… on servers like Apache, Passenger and IIS.
  • AWS OpsWorks is a configuration management service. It supports configurations and operation of applications that are built using Chef.
  • AWS CloudFormation allows systematic and organized management of resources. It helps create setups that make it possible for easy provisioning and updating of the resources.
  • AWS identity and Access Management(IAM) is a tool to manage and control access to AWS resources and actions..

AWS services for DevOps