cloud computing in India

Which Cloud System You Should Choose?

Cloud computing has evolved through a number of phases and it is also reshaping the Indian IT industry. According to Market survey cloud computing in India alone will generate several thousand jobs by the end of this year. IT infrastructure is one of the important parts of any business and while taking the decision of […]

android app development

What Makes Nexiilabs The Top Android App Development Agency?

Android gadgets are selling very quickly and nobody is willing to leave their home without an android in their pocket. Earlier it used to be Android app development has already changed the way IT companies looked at app development. A decade or so ago, software development used to be the only software business but with […]

mobility solutions

Mobility Solutions for Enterprises: Opportunities and Challenges Ahead

Well-known Analyst firm Strategy Analytics predicts that the market of mobile enterprise business application will grow from $31 billion in 2012 to $61 billion in 2016. In other words, the size of mobile enterprise businesses will double in 4 years. That is a maddening growth. As we invest more time, effort on the strategies for […]

cloud based service providers

Performance & Experience Puts The Cloud Based Service Providers Apart

Choosing the cloud based service providers is becoming difficult as more and more players join the field offering similar features and almost the same pricing. What then, should ideally be the factors to help you distinguish among them? Let us consider. What helps you to judge cloud based service providers? Of course, it is the […]

Cloud Based Service Provider

Detailed Guide For Choosing The Perfect Cloud Based Service Provider

Choosing the right service provider allows you to realize full potential The cloud technology has to be managed efficiently, like every other technological services. Once you have decided to move to the cloud, choosing the perfect cloud computing partner is the next logical step. Checking out the reliability and viability of the cloud service provider […]

Cloud ROI

Cloud Technology’s Positive Impact On The ROI

Cloud computing in India is not only about low cost of implementation and fast deployment of newer technologies, there is much more than that in it. Confirming this view, Nucleus Research has published a study which says, companies can meet 1.7 times of ROI when implemented in-house. The research was done on 30 companies varying […]

Hybrid Cloud

Is Hybrid Cloud the future of Cloud Computing?

A hybrid cloud solution uses the advantages offered by cloud and local systems You have heard a lot about cloud computing by now from many sources including us. So, today we discuss an advanced cloud computing technology called hybrid cloud computing. What is hybrid cloud computing?  A hybrid cloud computing is defined as the environment […]

Software Testing

Why Software Testing Is An Important Profession?

Millions of software’s are created each year. Most of them are never used or fail to perform as expected. The difference between a fully functional software and a failed one is regress software testing and proper QA. A software tester is one of the most important people, when it comes to creating a successful software. […]


5 Ways in Which Cloud can benefit your Business

  Everyone is talking about cloud, but they rarely seem to have proper understanding about it. The businesses which have embraced this new technology are reaping benefits out of it. In this blog, we will provide an insight to how cloud can benefit your business? #1 Business Nimbleness The businesses which are looking for shortening […]

Cloud and Business

Are Cloud Computing And Digital Business Inseparable?

If you have mastered cloud computing, will it be easier for you to move into a digital presence? Is a digital presence of an enterprise possible without cloud computing? Cloud computing is surely the stepping stone for digital enterprise but to expect a sudden change will be rather unrealistic. Digital enterprise is associated with creating […]

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