Rise Of Robot-Callers In Recruitment Industry

It is quite usual for the recruiter to miss out on the resume of potential candidates if they get overwhelmed with resumes. It becomes difficult and practically not possible for the recruiter to call and identify each candidate especially when they are dealing with volumes of resumes. As we know that artificial intelligence is changing every industry and the recruitment industry is also one of them. Artificial intelligence is making traditional recruitment efficient and quicker by automating complex and time-consuming jobs.

Who are robo-callers?

Robo-callers are recruitment robots used to call the candidates to discuss the JD and the candidate’s suitability. Call scripts are automatically generated as per the requirements using TTS technology.

The Call Robot perform a multifold of functions which largely include:

  • Calls candidates for the screening process and to know about their capabilities and interest.
  • Make a call to inform the candidates about selection or rejection.
  • Make follow-up calls to candidates till he/she joins.
  • Call prospective candidates for interview schedules.
  • Make reminder calls to candidates for attending interviews.
  • Make follow-up calls for interviews.
  • Need for robot-callers in recruitment?

    Recruiters spend almost 70% of his/her time on performing repetitive tasks that includes calling the candidates for the first level of the screening process, calling for the assessment tests, scheduling interviews, making reminder calls, and followup calls. If we take a closer look, these tasks are repetitive in nature and do not require human intelligence to get the work done. Organisations looking to grow and scale must improve their operational efficiency. Operational efficiency in recruitment industry is achieved by improving the number of closures per recruiter. To make recruiters life easy and improving their capability by giving them tools to perform with utmost efficiency is possible by adding recruitment robots into the crew.

    How robo-callers are solving the problems:

    Making Screening calls: An effective recruiter spends almost 6 hours in a day to call the candidates from knowing their interest to the first level of screening. If the recruiter has a large pool of the candidate’s resume it is quite challenging to call each person. A robo-callers can make 1000s calls in minutes and can save 70% of the hiring time of a recruiter.

    Interview Scheduling: Qualified candidates get calls from the robo-callers to check the availability of the candidates and scheduling interviews

    Followups, reminders, and update: Robocallers call the candidate to remind the interview schedules and to follow-up and to update the status.

    A robo-caller empowers you to:

    Save Time: In the traditional way of recruiting, recruiters get an average of 500 resumes for a single job posting. Keeping the track record of each resume and calling them for the screening process is a time-consuming and complex task and may lead to human induced errors. Including call robots can save huge time in the screening process which otherwise is spent by recruiters on engaging with non prospective candidates as well.

    Save Cost: By employing robo-callers in your hiring team can help you to save huge costs.

    Engage the prospective Candidate with the organisation: By using the Automation In Recruitment, helps to create a better experience for candidates and gives them an amazing professional touch. Candidate can get all the information about his/her candidature like what is the next step, when is the next interview, and about feedback from the robo-callers.

    Nexii IT Labs is an IT services and staffing organisation that has employed not only the Call robots in there recruitment process but has automated complete recruitment process. Automation has made Nexii Labs a stable organisation in these tough times of pandemic thereby helping their customers with continued and superior support.