Speed Up Your Hiring Process On Autopilot With Our Vrecruiters

How do you attract a candidate for the job as a hiring manager or recruiter? In this competitive world, how would you speed up your hiring process and find the best talent? The most flexible solution is including the best recruiting practice and moving into AI recruiting.

As we know that artificial intelligence is changing every industry and the recruitment industry is also one of them. Artificial intelligence is making traditional recruitment efficient and quicker by automating the complex and time-consuming job. It is safe to say that AI Recruiting is the latest trend in the recruitment industry and this trend will remain in the coming years as well.

The traditional recruitment process is very much time-consuming and involves many complex processes such as sourcing, application tracking, and screening to find the right matched the resumes. To fill up one position it takes a month’s time for recruiters and hiring managers, including advancement in-process and AI applications in your hiring process is the only way to make the job easier and faster for them.

Who are VRecruiters?

Commonly known as a Robot OR AI Recruiter, Nexii IT labs employs virtual recruiters to source, call and submit the resumes we call them Vrecruiters.

The virtual recruiters perform a multifold of functions which largely include:

Automatically get requirements from partner portals at regular intervals.
Source profiles from job portals.
Parse profiles for accuracy.
Call shortlisted candidates.
Submit profiles to the customer.

VRecriters can also:

Call prospective candidates for interview schedules.
Make follow-up calls for interviews.
Make reminder calls to candidates for attending interviews.
Make call to inform the candidates about selection or rejection
Make follow-up calls to candidates till he/she joins.

How it boosts your hiring process?

Once the candidates submit his/her resume for the job requirement, getting in touch with him/her and sharing an update about their applications is the first positive impression an employer can make with the candidates and any delay in the process can lead the negative feedback about the employer.

A virtual recruiter empowers you by:

Saving Time: In the traditional way of recruiting, recruiters get an average of 500 resumes for a single job posting. Keeping the track record of each resume and calling them for the screening process is a very much time-consuming and complex job and may involve a lot of human errors. Including virtual recruiters or robot here can save huge time in the screening process. Also, application tracking helps you to record error-free information about the candidate.

Saving Cost: By employing virtual recruiters in your hiring team can help you to save huge cost also will provide the same candidate at the lower cost than job boards.

Engaging the Candidate with the organization: by using the Automation In Recruitment also helps to create a better experience for candidates and gives an amazing professional touch. Candidate can get all the information about his/her candidature like what is the next step, when is the next interview, and about feedback with the help of a chatbot.

Works Tirelessly: A robot can work tirelessly 27/7 without taking any break.

Recruiting with traditional method vs Advanced Method (AI Recruitment):

Being hired from the good organization is what every employee expect, in the same way, employer to wants the best candidate to hire and including the best recruiting practices is the only way where an employer can include in their hiring process to make the hiring efficient and quicker.

The main disadvantage of the traditional method of hiring is it is not as efficient as Automated recruitment in terms of attracting the candidate and closing the position quickly.

In an Automated Recruitment System, every complex process is automated right from the souring profiles to uploading resumes to submit to the customer and can be done within a flick of seconds. But in the traditional way of recruitment, everything is done manually, that takes a lot of time.

Through an Automated Recruiting System robot or virtual recruiter can call 1000s of the candidate for the screening process in a day and process the 1000s profiles. But in a traditional recruitment system, recruiters spend an average of 6 hours on call for the screening and can only process a maximum of 10 profiles in a day.

Here is why Leading business uses Nexii IT labs Virtual recruiters to boost their hiring process?

Nexii IT Labs is an IT services and staffing organization. We use AI & ML driven zero-touch automated staffing & recruitment systems that help us source the exact match for a given requirement in the flick of a second. We make the real difference in auto sourcing resumes that you need.

Interested to know how?

Our recruiting teams don’t source and scan. All that they do is connect with the most suitable candidates sourced by our automated systems with zero dependencies on manual processes. We are helping organizations ramp-up their hiring using our complete recruitment automation platform. Our platform is built to emulate recruiters and we call them virtual recruiters. Everything from sourcing, to evaluating to uploading the resumes and the evaluation reports to the partner portals is all automated with our suite of software that constitutes SERPA, NCD, Autopilot, and CVInsights.

Our virtual recruiters can literally process 1000s of profiles in a day to get you the best profiles to hire. No other platform has this ability as of now.

Our staffing and recruiter efficiency and productivity have scaled exponentially owing to our automation mechanisms that pilot our recruitment services, ensuring agility and speed.