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Software Testing

Why Software Testing Is An Important Profession?

Millions of software’s are created each year. Most of them are never used or fail to perform as expected. The difference between a fully functional software and a failed one is regress software testing and proper QA. A software tester is one of the most important people, when it comes to creating a successful software. […]

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Optimizing the regression testing

Is my regression suite too big to run for each release? Will reducing the regression cycles reduce the time to market? Am I still seeing test escapes in spite of running complete regression cycle? Is my regression suite complete? Is it worth spending time in identifying the tests for regression suites?   If any of […]

Server Failure

5 Epic System Failures Caused By Software Bugs

Recent developments in IT industry have created a new way of handling projects.  Project managers are often provided less time and resources, but are expected to complete the project on time. The company often cuts down on budget and the first thing they do away is Quality Assurance and Software testing. They might cut down […]