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The hospitality industry comprising of hotels, resorts, property management services etc., are undergoing a major transformation because of the increased influx of new generation guests. Hospitality management technology has moved out from the front desks into the hands of smartphone savvy guests.

New generation guests equipped with smartphones are demanding better service and a more personalized response to their requests during, before and after their stay at the hotels. Hotels are digitizing their content to offer efficient service, assign and track guest requests, and to automate a variety of mundane and routine guest management activities.

Guest experience management

Mobile applications are playing a key role in providing such conveniences to guests. Most hotels have already taken the step to leverage their centralized hotel management IT systems and extend their capabilities to mobile apps. Now, guests can use mobile apps to manage their hotel experiences even when they are outside the hotel. Hotels can improve productivity and hotel management can optimize resources by leveraging smartphone mobile apps that enable them to manage guests and services even while on the go.

Extending smartphone capabilities and building smart service applications to improve guest experience and improvise hotel operations.

Key requirements

  • 1
  • Remote mobile check-in/check-out
  • Ability to remotely check-in (either from Airports or from anywhere)
  • Ability to check-in directly to their rooms avoiding any delay at front desk
  • 2
  • Access hotel info via smartphone
  • Ability to view hotel information on their smartphones and make room reservations
  • Ability to request housekeeping/laundry services even when they are not in the room
  • 3
  • Reservations via mobile
  • Ability to reserve restaurant tables, golf, or other amenities provided by the hotel
  • Ability to book cabs and flights from their smartphones
  • 4
  • GPS capabilities
  • Ability to navigate around the hotel and find their way back when there is no help
  • Ability to view places of interest and navigate around them


Nexiilabs cloud based hospitality management platform and associated mobile applications (for guests, hotel management and staff) provide immense value to hotels by enabling them to communicate with their guests and also to collaborate with each other during, before and after the guest’s stay at the hotel. Using Nexiilabs mobile platform, consumers can download a ‘unified guest experience mobile app’ on their phones and use it at any hotel (that is registered with our platform).

Key Solutions

  • 1
  • Unified mobile app for guest experience management
  • Instead of maintaining multiple apps of many hotels, guests can use only a single app for any hotel
  • 2
  • Cloud based system
  • Hotels can save upfront investments in new hardware/software and can access desired functionality on a pay-per-use service model
  • 3
  • Integrated with all hotel systems
  • Our guest experience management solution is integrated with hotel systems like property management systems (PMS), point of sale (POS), room management systems (RMS), central reservation systems (CRS) etc. so data can seamlessly travel between the systems in real time.