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Telecom - an industry that throws as many challenges as the opportunities that it creates. With the rise of innovative mobile apps and its huge penetration into global user markets, it is creating new waves of change like never before. The key challenges for telecom companies are monetizing new business models and analyzing huge data available at their disposal. Telecom companies are increasingly investing in analytics to leverage their massive customer data.

The global telecom market will continue to be the largest IT spending market in 2014 and it is expected to reach $ 4 trillion by 2015.

Key Challenges

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  • Decreased Margins
  • Huge operating and infrastructure costs are sliding down the telecom vendors towards loss.
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  • Struggling to Improve Operations
  • The constant changes in 3G spectrum policies are restricting telecom players to exceed their limit.
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  • Challenges in Implementing Cloud
  • Difficulty in picking a reliable cloud service provider and choosing the right cloud model is forcing the clients to think twice on the cloud implementation.
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  • Monetizing the Huge Data Traffic
  • Network failures and network congestion results in loss of data, leading to the decrease in the quality of service.

Nexiilabs helps numerous Telecom clients unleash the power of Big Data analytics to enable them in taking key business decisions effortlessly. Our assorted team of Hadoop architects, developers and test engineers implement top-notch customized solutions to various telecom players.

Key Solutions

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  • Network Management
  • Nexiilabs improves your network operations through efficient management and safeguards data flow through its flagship virtualization technologies.
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  • Value-Added Services
  • Our enhanced telecom solutions help in developing innovative apps across devices through holistic services - from design, development, deployment and management.
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  • Application & Device Testing
  • Nexiilabs offers comprehensive quality engineering services for various telecom applications and devices.
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  • Cloud-based Solutions
  • We offer SaaS based applications for telecom industry and leverage the power of cloud technologies.