5 Epic System Failures Caused By Software Bugs

Recent developments in IT industry have created a new way of handling projects.  Project managers are often provided less time and resources, but are expected to complete the project on time. The company often cuts down on budget and the first thing they do away is Quality Assurance and Software testing. They might cut down on budget and deliver the project on time, but as time progresses, there can occur unexpected events that may have deadly consequences for the company and their clients.

Code Bug

Today we will discuss about the 5 epic system failures caused by a software bug that could have been avoided if the companies would have employed QA and software testing.

  • In October 2013, the US Federal Government initiated a new website dedicated to the health insurance exchange. Soon, the website started to have problems and the media covered this news and made it public. The government officials informed the public that there were many problems with the website, but the majority being inadequate time allotted for testing and lack of funds allotted for QA testing. Later on,”tech surge” was initiated to improve the performance of the website.
  • A software failure of a European bank left thousands of customers not being able to access their accounts for four days. The event took place in June 2012. The problem was triggered after the bank upgraded a software without properly testing it. They did not have a contingency plan thus it took more time to solve the issue.
  • A leap Day bug caused havoc for a cloud service providing company in February 2012 in US. The company held poor testing and quality assurance responsible and had to stop their services for two days.
  • In August 2013, a major Asian stock market was affected due to several bugs detected in a brokerage security order system, resulting in $3 billion worth misplaced orders. It costed more that $32 million to the brokerage.
  • For a very short time period in August 2013 an outage engulfed diverse industries such as media, cloud, e-mail, stock market, search engines and online marketing. A report said, that day the traffic dropped 40%. Though the cause of the outage could not be known.

Quality Assurance Testing

There may be thousands of other examples that may indicate that proper quality assurance and software testing is necessary to weed out errors, problems and bugs in a software. But the trend these days suggest otherwise, in the want of completion of a project on time and in a limited budget, companies are putting their future at a risk. Many companies have paid heavy prices for not following proper testing Framework. We hope that this write-up will deter those who read it and opt for software testing to have more client satisfaction and better ROI from a product.

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