A New Way to Cut Down On your Virtualization Budget

Today IT professionals working in the fields of engineering, computer-aided design, digital media, oil and gas exploration, research, education and government face the challenge of providing the organization all those services it needs within an allocated budget. This can be a tricky job for the CIOs as they have to efficiently use the resources to maximize output.

This is why server virtualization has been a boon for these professionals, as they have been able to create more and more virtual machines with just one physical server and ensure that available resources are utilized to the fullest.

There have been so many advancements in software’s driving the virtual servers, but is there any way to cut down on your physical servers? The probable answer to this question would be yes, and the solution lies with large organizations devoted to providing cloud services.

Take a lesson from Open compute project

The cloud service providers are using standardized servers based on the Open computing project specification. The OCP was the brainchild of a team of Facebook engineers, who dedicated 2 years to revolutionize the computing infrastructure to minimize cost and increase efficiency. This project used servers, which were manufactured by lesser known companies such as AMAX and Quanta QCT.

Facebook Servers

These servers actually provide all the functionality that a server should and comes at a price that is a lot cheaper than the server’s manufactured by HP or Dell.

Buying the shelf server is a waste for many organizations as there are various features that are of no use for them. The cost involved in buying these servers is huge. Moreover, you are paying extra electricity charges too and not able to utilize the server to its full potential.

As more and more large organizations adopt these severs, eventually this technology will filter down to smaller organization and make its way into the SME market. As these OCP obedient severs are more than capable of handling virtualization task and orthodox computing duties, you will hear about these servers more and more.




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