Are Cloud Computing And Digital Business Inseparable?

If you have mastered cloud computing, will it be easier for you to move into a digital presence? Is a digital presence of an enterprise possible without cloud computing? Cloud computing is surely the stepping stone for digital enterprise but to expect a sudden change will be rather unrealistic. Digital enterprise is associated with creating and delivering innovative products and services using the on-line channel. This is a journey which shall take years and must have cloud computing as a vital component.
Two new reports came out from Saugatuk Technology about this connection between digital enterprise and cloud computing. According to this report, even if the leaders and business heads should anticipate a large portion of work ahead, even if they are well in pace with the evolution of cloud computing. Digital enterprise is basically boundary free which can only be realized from time and location independent computing, which is cloud computing, along with social, mobile and data analyzing APIs. Although, like always, saying the words is the easier job.

Cloud Solutions
Cloud has two very important abilities, it can provide on-demand and immediate access to the latest approaches and solutions as well as the scaling factor. This way cloud computing enables a readily available environment which can create and deliver innovative business strategies which are indeed a part of digital enterprise.
Companies are already working hard to reach this age. The same agency did another survey where 203 companies participated. It is found out that at least 60% companies are trying to deliver new digital services and experiences to the customers while 70% of the companies are either upgrading or converting the traditional offerings as new digital experiences. Most of these organizations confessed one thing though, they are still in the early phases of their effort of a digital presence. However, if the experts are to be believed, next 3 to 5 years are going to be crucial and fast-paced for the digital enterprise industry. In this survey, the agency defined digital enterprise as any digital entity which drives revenue and delivers value-added customer experience, using innovative business strategies, processes, products and interaction.
Enterprise are in indeed very early stage of the digital business life cycle, and there is more left to learn and master than it has been covered really. The measurement of success in implementing the process and also the way to accomplish is yet to be decided.
Digital enterprise and its evolution will closely follow and often reflect the evolution of the hybridized cloud IT enabled business environments. The biggest challenge they will face will be the shift of the infrastructure of the enterprise to the cloud itself. Only one third of the companies from that survey actually confessed that their IT applications and/or the IT infrastructure are already in the cloud. However, this number is to more than double in the next 3 to 5 years, like we predicted previously.
How soon can the enterprises go digital? The answer lies in the ability and alacrity with which they can adopt cloud computing. The success of any digital business depends heavily on the availability and utilization of the cloud-enabled and cloud-delivered technology for business processes which are becoming increasingly powerful and more flexible than ever.

As cloud becomes the mantra of the day for a digital enterprise, the paradigm will shift for the buyers, users, leaders, managers, IT developers and IT visionaries. They will be pushed to uplift the standard they are maintaining in digital business. The concept of Software As A Service (popularly known as SaaS) will become very important and prevalent as digital business will follow the pattern of the same. The total system will be broadly divided into two segments, systems of engagement which will be used by the users or the buyers mainly to interact with the business system and the systems of record which will be more like the back-end and shall be maintained by the enterprise itself with the help of the system developers.
More than half of the enterprise executives, 57%, said that they are using cloud to present services and products they couldn’t offer previously. This number is up from 42% of last year. The cloud, which is now behaving as SAAS, is offering the users and the implementers the chance to learn and experience new things which are the best thing to happen in this industry and set the course for the next big evolution for the digital businesses.

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