Cloud Computing Has Been Around Since The 1950s

Cloud computing has recently come to light and started to expand the field of data mining and collecting, this concept of computing via a database is very old dating back to the 1950s.

In the 1950s, “time-sharing”– what is now the main concept of cloud computing was used in very large corporations and in academia. In that period of time requirements were demanding which led to several clients needing to access information on separate terminals. But the main drawback was that the mainframe technology was expensive. In order to save money, large corporations needed to find a way for multiple people to share CPU time. From there many advancements and updates bring us to the cloud of today.


But it wasn’t until 2008, when Google and Microsoft entered the playing field, that cloud use really became a widespread effort to bring the technology in the mainstream. If you have an Apple device you must have noticed iCloud, it works on the same principle. The Google App Engine brought low–cost computing and storage services make the concept popular. Cloud allowed computing services to be used on any device or platform in many different languages. Later Apple developed the iCloud, allowing users to sync photos, apps, music and documents across many devices. Apple’s iCloud is a key feature and it is widely used today and it is what makes Apple so reliable and advanced in technology.

Cloud Computing

However, the cloud is yet to see its glory days. The modern demand for increased data means that cloud computing will continue to grow. But companies need to maintain their services in order to serve such a demand. But they are doing great in generating revenue, it is estimated that in the coming years such companies will approach $152 billion, which is a lot and they will keep generating more revenue as the platform has evolved so much.






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