Future of Perl in IT

Future of Perl in IT

Perl : Future in IT.

Perl is a script programming language, which has a lot of similarity in syntax to “c” language. This also includes UNIX like sed;awk;tr etc. Perl is an interpreted language which can be assembled before execution in “c” code/bytecode. Once Perl is compiled, it is as fast as any other compiled “c” program. The Perl language is often considered as the best choice for the development of CGI (i.e Common gateway interface) due to its good text manipulation feature; even though it conducts only binary files.

The structure of Perl comes from “C” language. Perl is pretty much methodological in nature which retains :

1) variables,

2) expression,

3) Control Structure,

4) Subroutines, etc.

Perl is also broadly connected to Shell programming. Most of the variables here are marked with SIGILS. Perl has also built in a number of functions which provides tools that are majorly used in Shell programming. Apart from all these Perl also takes help from Lisp;hashes from AWK along with expressions from sed.By doing so it simplifies and facilitated task handling and data management.

Perl has a huge community of avid users that continues to thrive in spite of detractors,” said Brian Kelly, developer of a configuration management tool written with Perl 5.

There are almost all the top companies like Boeing; Siemens ;CA and many more which are listed

among the fortune 1000 companies, further known as the Active state user of Perl.

According to them “As an open source programming language,Perl immediately reduces up front project costs”. As the matter of fact their own distribution of Perl has reached up to one million downloads per year. This is a statistic from 2015 and by November this year they forecast almost the double of the last years result. Perl has always been connected to UNIX command line tools, and also automated the execution. But when it comes to CPAN (Comprehensive Perl Archive Network) Perl has the biggest advantage.

Perl on IRC 

Here are a few IRC channels that offer support for the language.

IRC Network Channels
irc.freenode.net #perl #perl6 #cbstream #perlcafe #poe
irc.perl.org #moose #poe #catalyst #dbix-class #perl-help #distzilla #epo #corehackers #sdl #win32 #toolchain #padre #dancer
irc.slashnet.org #perlmonks
irc.oftc.net #perl
irc.efnet.net #perlhelp
irc.rizon.net #perl
irc.debian.org #debian-perl (packaging Perl modules for Debian)

Source: http://thenewstack.io/perl-back-ready-roll-big-data/

One more important and crucial part of Perl is CPAN. CPAN or “Comprehensive Perl Archive Network” is a repository written in Perl programming language with over 12,000 contributors. The major role that Perl Cpan plays is to help the programmers which are not included in Perl Standard distribution.


Perl is such a programming language which makes a pretty good combination for writing code. Even though there was a problem with Perl 6, But Perl 5 has come back with multiple time release now. Perl is a good programming language and is nowhere less than python or Ruby.