Toxic company culture not conducive to cloud implementation

Whenever a new technology hits the market, it is criticized and many times not adopted because of negative publicity. Some companies are afraid to migrate to a superior technology, just because they think that it will be a costly affair and the security of data will be at risk.

Over the past few years, cloud computing has been knocking on the doors of many companies, but they are not ready to adopt this technology. Many companies fear that this technology will not be fruitful in the long run. But this technology is far superior as many companies which have migrated to the cloud claim. They believe that the cloud is more cost effective and more secure than IT infrastructure. The traditional physical servers have lots of problems. They are too costly, choosing the right uptime is almost impossible and most of all these servers are susceptible to outages.

So what is really stopping companies from adopting cloud?

Most of the companies are of the opinion that cloud will not be as efficient as their counterparts. This opinion is actually forced by the IT department on the management. As they may not be able to implement the cloud in the right way or may not have the technological know-how. The culture in many companies is such that their IT departments do not want to change from the obsolete infrastructure. The inhibitions created by the IT departments come in the way of adoption of a successful cloud migration.

Is there a way to cloud that it safe?

Yes, off course there is. As cloud can be implemented on the pay as you go model, any company that wishes to migrate to cloud, can create a small team, who have knowledge of the technology and ask them to migrate the data into the cloud and manage it for some time. In such a case, there can be a comparison between the existing infrastructure and the cloud. The company can then later on migrate to the cloud as they find out the real benefits of the technology.

Just because some companies are afraid to migrate to cloud because of some inhibitions, doesn’t mean that it should deter you. Make the right choice and adopt it in the way that this write-up suggests, and be rest assured that you have made the right call.


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