Automation in IT is fast becoming the most popular and go-to approach in businesses. And rightly so. Integrating tools, processes and people, automation helps orchestrate the best workflows. Through this, enterprise benefits from reduced human errors, accurate and rapid response to mission critical issues besides optimal utilization of resources.

In complex IT environment when systems are physical, virtualized, or cloud based, automation’s ability to streamline and smooth out processes adds tremendous value to business.

Data Center Automation

Automation of IT infrastructure such as data centers and related equipment allows workflows and processes to be executed unattended. Data center automation is enabled by automating several processes that were earlier carried out manually.

Activities such as monitoring of DC components and alerting in case of deviations.
Patching and update of equipment as part of maintenance activities
Provisioning and configurations of resources required for testing, development or new app deployment
Automated responses or approval of user requests
Load balancing of application workload between data centers
Automated report generation especially related to mandatory Compliance reports.

Cloud Automation

Cloud automation has tremendous potential for creation and cloning. A well designed cloud automation solution can be a powerful asset for an enterprise. However to create a good solution it is necessary to synergize techniques drawn from popular configuration technologies.

Add to this full version control and hybrid cloud portability to create an effective cloud automation solution that offers repeatable functioning with a standardized architecture.

Elements of a cloud automation process include consistent configuration for testing, auto scaling for load testing, automation of operational activities and clone production and iteration. Dynamic configurations, version controls and security patches.

Contextual organization of resources and timely security patches in automated solutions can help you completely avoid the drawbacks of manual processes such as errors and time consuming nature.

Business Workflow Automation

When organizations want to simplify complex business processes, the solution lies in workflow automation. Repetitive, time consuming processes can be automated using triggered processes. The outcome is predictable – speeded up processes, zero errors, transparent. In built report offering deep dive analytic reports are an added advantage.

The best solutions, such as the ones we create have attractive UIs, drag and drop features. They are designed to suit the users. Customized to meet their needs, solutions targeted at non-technical users are simple, visually clear and intuitively designed.

Test Automation

Test Automation relates to the use of automated testing scripts in software testing .With this repetitive manual tests that exist in a formalized testing process can be automated. One of the fallouts being that testers are freed to concentrate on the more complex automated software tests.

Automated testing tools can execute tests, report on outcomes and compare results with earlier test runs, completely independently. These tests require very little to no human intervention and can be run repeatedly, at any time of the day – without adding to costs or drawing on human efforts. Automated tests is a boon in low level interface regression testing which is detail oriented, time consuming manual testing.

Test Automation today is key to the implementation of continuous delivery and continuous testing which seeks the execution of tests as a component of the software delivery pipeline to get instant feedback to improve software quality at the time of release.