IT Infrastructure Services is mission critical for all enterprises. We offer IT Infrastructure support services which ensures your enterprise functions like a well-oiled machinery- no breaks, disruptions or delays.

Our support services are equipped to handle varied levels of system complexity and network management.

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By incorporating technology and process improvements we add further value to your workflow by enhancing its efficiency. Our team does a thorough evaluation of your IT infrastructure to identify areas for improvement.

Based on the assessment a clear strategy and roadmap is charted out to increase business efficiency and optimize your ROI. Our support teams take on all your concerns and offer end-to-end infrastructure management so your team can focus on your core operations.

Our IT Infrastructure

Support Services

Desktop Support
  • End User support and training- including both technical and functional
  • Installing, configuring, monitoring and maintaining of user’s computing environment
  • IT asset management
  • IL1,L2 and L3 level support for admins and client staff

Network Management Support
  • Installing and maintaining network equipment
  • Network monitoring and incident management
  • Trouble shooting

Data Center Services
  • Installing, configuring, monitoring and maintaining server infrastructure
  • Virtualization services
  • Storage Management
  • Migrating and consolidation services

Cloud Application Maintenance
  • Corrective maintenance
  • Software enhancements through automation
  • Bug fixing
  • Platform upgrades and release management
  • Storage and backup services

Our other infrastructure
support services

  • IT system Migrations - Legacy application and platform migration
  • Reengineering of processes using AutomationRoutine maintenance
  • IT sunsetting
  • Systems planning and implementation