Nexii USAS is now FLAS

Federated Lucid Automated System (FLAS)

FLAS provides manual testing organizations an immediate, simple, easy and cost friendly solution to overcome the challenges of transitioning to a fully automated test environment. FLAS defines the emerging paradigm of the shift to lightweight infrastructure. Its use of open source, cloud and pervasive integration demonstrates Nexii’s strategic application of emerging IT approaches.

Nexii Labs FLAS

  • Empowers manual testers to write automation scripts without coding knowledge.
  • Promotes DevOps by orchestrating the complete test process from test planning to bug filing and test case management. Enables easy integration with v
  • Enables easy integration with varied applications by virtue of a rich set of APIs
  • Focused on continuous testing which is core to CI/CD.

Going forward, the product roadmap will have a feature that will integrate configuration management using Ansible to cover management of test setup deployment also.

Nexii Labs’ FLAS empowers manual testers to write automation scripts using key words.
It eliminates the need to know coding, or any other programming knowledge.

FLAS overcomes several major hurdles for enterprises

It enables manual testers to write automation scripts using English-like language
It enables existing manual testers to write automation scripts even without coding knowledge.
It gives manual testers an opportunity to continue in their roles and simultaneously upgrade skills.
It eliminates the immediate need to hire additional test automation engineers.
It does away with time and costs related to reskilling testers.
It accelerates the process of transitioning to an automated environment
It supports and induces the adoption of DevOps and agile methodologies.
It speeds up the process of testing by automating processes and dramatically reduces time-to-market.
It helps enterprises retain their manual testers and rein in OPEX.
  • Initiates automation testing through web interface and Jenkins
  • Integrates with defect tracking system, Jira and testcase management systems
  • Integrates with communication channels like SLACK and email
  • Generates well drafted XML,HTML reports accessible through a web server
  • Provides analytics of testruns on time,projects and testrun metrics
  • Authenticates web interface through role based authentication system
  • Uses web API to initiate a testrun
  • Uses web interface to plan the testsuite
  • Drives test requests initiated to go through different states like waiting, testing, completed, error
  • Periodically checks the available virtual environments to initiate any test request in waiting state
  • Posttest completion, places log URLs in the test activity pages
  • Allows re-run option to users who wishes to rerun the testsuite/test request
  • Integrates test scripts with the Jira test case management system
  • Reports bugs when the test case fails in Jira by attaching the logs
  • FLAS is a product built using open source tools. Based on python framework, it enables the test automation of Web-API, rest API,XML-RPC,Web-UI,CLI-API automation using simple key words.
  • It can be placed on a standalone server or as a part of the cloud.
  • It functions efficiently in a multi-tenant, multi project, multi user testrun environment
  • As a single integrated test strategy FLAS enables running automated scripts across multiple variables.
  • Adoption of FLAS ensures no adverse impact on cost, resource requirements or disruption to business.
  • FLAS is a highly scalable product.
  • It uses existing human resources.

FLAS is a powerful enabler supporting the continuous Plan-Develop-Test-Deploy cycle that is at the core of the DevOps, agile approach and key to automation.

FLAS makes this possible without unduly raising costs, and without disrupting organizational structure or business operations.

The world is moving towards automation.

FLAS helps you to do so too.