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According to Gartner and IDC, worldwide data storage is doubling every two years.
Source – Research and Analysis by IDC

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Backup to the Cloud – Challenges

Bandwidth Management

You need to have dedicated and appropriate Bandwidth set, to shape the traffic in such a way that it doesn’t affect your environment, else it can choke your complete network to send data.


Data Encryption

You should find out whether the data is encrypted on the wire. what kind of algorithm is used. how strong is the encryption algorithm to encrypt the data. to ensure the safest data path and destination for your data.

Restore Backup capability in the Cloud software

In case of failure or disconnect in data backup. the backup should be in a position to restore from the current position.


Network Latency

The challenge with the cloud backup is that the data is accessed via an internet connection. So select an Internet service provider who can provide you with uninterrupted network to avoid latency.

Restore Data Time

Check a cloud vendor who could restore your data quickly by using different mechanisms.


Pricings/ Cost

Make sure you understand your data backup patterns and frequency. This will ensure you to select the right fit vendor with respect to pricings/Cost.

How to choose a Cloud provider

Since the cloud vendor charges for data in and out and if you don’t understand what kind of data to be backed up to the cloud then you could end up paying more than the required. Therefore choose a vendor who quotes less for data in and out.



When there is disaster or data is deleted accidentally, the vendor should in a position recover the data. hence should have datacenters at various locations to avoid data loss.


Need to understand how reliable, redundant and well-established the cloud vendors are.


No vendor Lock

No Vendor Lock —in — Need to check with the cloud vendor whether we can bail out anytime without any additional cost.

How Nexiilabs overcomes these challenges

Nexiilabs offers a stringent, holistic and comprehensive end-to-end backup to the cloud services. We at Nexii have a structured approach to overcome the challenges faced by the clients. We have in place a team of experts to assist the clients to research on the different backup to the cloud vendors and evaluate them to provide the best business-appropriate backup to the cloud solutions. The team consists of business analysts, cloud solution experts, cloud qualification specialists, research associates, and cloud evaluation specialists. After a vigilant, research and analysis a robust and best-fit backup to the cloud solution is provided to the client. I.e from setting up, migrate to cloud, monitor your back up and backup to the cloud etc.