Our infrastructure IT INFRASTRUCTURE APPLICATION team create development and runtime enabling software platforms that enhance productivity while simultaneously rationalizing cost.

The solutions meet enterprise demands for latest and sophisticated solutions in the infrastructure space through constant innovation, re-engineering, and customized problem solving.

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We operate in the Storage, Cloud, Compute, Networking and Security domain. The solutions address issues in the core systems space as well as clustered solutions in the SVCN area. Agile methodologies and adopting the best industry trends and practices is standard part of our approach.

To enable Agility and scalability is ensured through new innovations such as APIs, cloud continuum options like PaaS to offer the latest, modernized infrastructure architecture.

Bug fixing, administering patches and enhancements are fundamental to our Design, development and software maintenance services. We work at all layers- core systems, Application, Protocol Stock Level, and Operating Systtem Kernel – to provide both virtual and physical application.

Simplified, integrated and extensible platforms are the need of the day. With applications in an enterprise spread over multiple locations and geographies, enterprises need a single platform that can ‘talk-to’ to all versions. The single product that can handle smoothly large number of users and large volume transactions.

Such a product has
several benefits.

  • IT system Migrations - Legacy application and platform migration
  • Reengineering of processes using AutomationRoutine maintenance
  • IT sunsetting
  • Systems planning and implementation