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An organization that helps clients transform their businesses by embracing collaborative technologies faster, for a better tomorrow!

Nexiilabs emerged with an aim to deliver high quality software services spanning development, consulting and management. We help businesses transform through cloud, analytics, mobility and social media strategies. We accelerate our clients’ business efficiency and also help them gain more business. Nexiilabs has achieved outstanding success in delivering wide stream of business models globally. We are deeply embedded with technology innovations. Our honest and forward thinking approach combined with strong leadership gained huge reputation which enabled us to become the trusted partner of the world’s leading business players.

Nexiilabs DNA


We love technology and it is evident in every Nexiian’s approach to work. Our people tackle challenges that are hurting clients’ growth by developing not just robust applications but also strong relationships with our clients.


At every endeavor we undertake, our people deliver a human touch to their work. We understand the clients’ need through comprehensive analysis and deliver services that match the exact requirements.


To provide world class software services in the fields of application development, open source technology, business consulting and quality assurance by leveraging the power of emerging technologies.


We do business with honesty and integrity and set best benchmarks against what we build and deliver. Our habit of seeing things from client’s perspective made us trustworthy and a preferred partner.

We are a dedicated team who constantly and efficiently intensify the insights on Automation. Ensuring software quality through testing is a business imperative today. This demands high levels of competence to successfully execute large volumes of testing in short time span while ensuring 100% accuracy. The solution for this lies in Automation. Automation performs at high speed, agility and precision levels that are expected by businesses to be on the top.

Extending automation to the field of testing, Nexii Labs accelerates the test execution process which enhances the businesses. Our test automation addresses the industry need for high quality, reliable testing services while delivering cost savings. We offer robust testing services with end-to-end testing services across mulitple technologies. We, at Nexii Labs, continuously work towards meeting and satisfying customer expectations through innovative thoughts. Our team leverages testing tools to build and execute customized automation solutions for business. We are testing expert in automation techniques and methodologies to develop innovative business solutions. Through Automation, we successfully deliver quality and reduced execution time than original time required. Maintaining a equal pace with the increasing Software development with our team who focus on upgrading the business needs is our core strength.

ISO 9001:2015

ISO/IEC 27001:2013


Employee First and Customer next strategy?

Generally, companies try to put customers first and that becomes their strategy to keep customers happy. Our strategy is slightly different. We call it as Employee first strategy of Nexii Labs. Nexii Labs as a company lays focus on employees and hence our strategy "Employee first". We believe that instead of focussing on customer, if we focus on employees and employee focusses on customer, we have both happy employees and happy customers.

Why should we join Nexii Labs and not any other company? or is Nexii Labs good for me?

It all depends on what you are looking for.
If you are looking for
a. Big MNC
b. Big name
c. Less employee focus (too many people and one shall be lost in the herd)
d. Decent enough money but not great
e. Diluted work experince (on a long run, depending on the work/projects, one might have to change the domain, technology.)
Then Nexii is not good for you.
but if you are looking for
a. small is ok
b. Big money
c. More employee focus (Nexii benefits for individuals entertainment, growth)
d. Diversified work experince
Then Nexii is good for you.

Ideally, you will choose Nexii Labs if you trust our trust based employee engagement approach, are confident about your skills, plan to make good money, acquire superior learning and cutting edge experince from our association.

Do we get on-site opportunity if we join Nexii Labs?

Well, it depends on the customer and individuals ability. If the customer needs people onsite we will be able to send people. We had some people go onsite on short term basis but not long term.

How many employees are there with Nexii Labs?

400+ employees work at Nexii Labs.

What benefits do we provide to our employees?

Every body talks about work-life balance but when it comes to execution, customer needs takes priority and so called work-life balance is disbalanced. There are numerous benefits we provide to our employees depending on the band they fall in.
Some of the examples are
a. Goodies as part of joining kit.
b. Monthly movie tickets for the couple.
c. Certification vouchers after you are associated for certain period with us.
d. Vacation package after 1 year of completion.
e. Participation in Nexii wide initiatives like codethons and win prizes.

Why should we send adhar card or any proof?

Different employees work for different customers. And some customers mandate us to collect the details even before we start the evaluation process. If you are asked for aadhar card or any other proof, it is the requirmeent of the customer you are identified for. Nexii Labs for itself do not ask for any aadhar card details till the time of joining if a customer do not insist.

What if Nexii doesn't pay on bench?

Well, since the inception of the company we never have faltered a single promise made. That statement should speak for every doubt anybody might have on the paymene. We do pay candidates while they are on bench.

Is my job secured?

In today's world, businesses are worried about retaining the employees. Worry about job security is a matter of past. Nonetheless, Nexii Labs is into business of products, services and staffing. So, we have multiple avenues to keep our employees engaged. If an employee is deputed at a customer place, after the project is completed, he/she will have options to be placed in either internal projects or product development or other customers.

If I am offered a contract jobs with Nexii Labs. is that a good option?

No job is inferior. One should have their own reasons to take up a particular type of job.
If you are currently under paid and want to get your pay scale at par with the industry, contract job is the best.
If you are type of a person who would want to enjoy time off in a year while getting paid heavily for the time he works, then contract job is for you.
If you are a person who wants to work on different projects and have exposure to different environments then contract is for you.
But if you are a person, who wants to settle down, no risk no reward, not interested in heavy pay cheques, then contract jobs are not for you.