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Delivering best-in-class storage services needs a deep understanding of storage technologies and the common issues encountered in its usage. Nexii Labs has years of storage service expertise having engaged with diverse clients across various verticals.

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“Nexii Labs’ highly scalable clustered storage services accelerate application performance and enhance operational efficiency”
  1. Storage Excellence Group
    Knowledge enrichment through insightful discussions and thought provoking discussions on storage issues
  2. Learning Center
    Dedicated center to incite independent learning and an aptitude for creative problem solving.
  3. Storage Lab
    A powerhouse of talent with a cross section of people with diverse skillsets, all of whom are working towards excelling client expectations.

Nexii Labs offers global CIOs and storage administrators, a plethora of services targeted at alleviating storage management concerns while simultaneously enhancing business efficiency. Our storage solutions come guaranteed with service excellence. Over the years we have helped global enterprises scale greater heights of success by reducing their RPO, RTO, storage expenditure and operational costs.

Nexii Labs Key Differentiators

  • Effective communicators across all levels of the organization
  • Easily accessible and available to client whatever the time zone
  • Transparent process execution and implementation methodologies
  • Team members are consummate professionals with superior understanding of issues
  • High quality services delivered at competitive prices.